IT specialists provide services related to software, hardware, databases, networks and information systems including daily support of CCS users. Installation, maintenance and support of new and existing computer technologies, rollout of IT projects of all types, server support and maintenance, computer hardware installation and repair.  IT related problem solving.  Will be required to coordinate with vendors and third parties related to IT systems. Other duties as assigned will also be included as new projects and responsibilities arise.


Community Counseling Services expects employees to be welcoming to consumers, including those with co-occurring disorders, and engaging them at their current stage of recovery. Services provided will be in accordance with the plans and guidelines as established by Community Counseling Services and the State Division of Behavioral Health.  Portray and encourage civility to all clients, customers, employees, community partners and vendors.


Education and Experience

  • 2-year technical school degree in an IT field preferred, with emphasis in computer networking or programming or current 3 years’ experience.
  • Strong background and education in Microsoft IT products, servers and MS office, TCP/IP networking, software security tools.
  • Prior experience in Healthcare IT/ HIPAA will be a valuable asset to any candidate.

Certificates, licenses, registrations

Valid South Dakota Driver’s license

Other qualifications

  • Must be proficient with MS IT Products, servers and MS Office, TCP/IP, networking and software security tools
  • Must be detail oriented and highly organized
  • Must not be excluded from participating in Medicare, Medicaid, and any Federal health care program, as provided by the OIG, USDHHS.

Supervisory Responsibilities none


  • Create, update and maintain all employee user accounts.
  • Review and report agency cell phone and data usage.
  • Perform network management, software installation and implementation
  • Technical support to employees and train non-technical workers on the business’s information systems.
  • Assess the effectiveness of technology resources already in use or new systems that are being implemented.
  • Work with external partners, including consultants, agencies and vendors, to arrive at the most appropriate system or integration of multiple systems. With information technology constantly changing, specialists must stay up-to-date on emerging technologies and the potential effectiveness of these advancements in their current system.
  • Answer inquiries from computer users. Run diagnostic programs to determine the causes of and help resolve problems, respond to inquiries by telephone, email, live chat or other means. Typically, they are required to listen to the user’s problem, diagnose the nature of the issue and walk the caller through the steps required to solve it.
  • Additional job duties may include writing training manuals, training users, and overseeing computer information systems. Resolving issues with Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and other systems is a frequent activity of technical support specialists. They may assist with installing software, maintaining computer systems, and repairing computer hardware.
  • Called upon to provide feedback on computer hardware and software, guide improvements for future upgrades and consult on new software development.
  • Creating and implementing training, and participate in meetings of clinical and organization planning.
  • New staff orientation.
  • Ordering of CCS hardware and software.
  • Weekly Project updates using information provided the IT team, into spreadsheet or other tracking tool.
  • Sell, recycle, and dispose of surplus IT inventory. Storage devices  erased or destroyed meeting HIPAA guidelines.
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding privileged administrative and client information in a professional manner
  • Other duties as assigned

Download an application, along with resume and CV and mail or email it to Community Counseling Services, Human Resources  MELISSA HOFER COMMUNITY COUNSELING SERVICES 357 KANSAS AVE SE HURON, SD  57350