Board of Directors

The Community Counseling Services’ Board of Directors consists of a chairperson and 13 members. CCS’ Board members have consisted of city and county officials, state legislators, medical professionals, educators and a multitude of different occupations to provide unique and individual perspectives, values and ideals that make an organization effective. Our board is voluntary and meets  every other month to ensure CCS stays on track with our mission, budget, and goals.

2018 Board Members :  Dawn Lake, Robin Gigov, Roger Chase, Stephanie Glanzer, Tonia McGeorge, Rachel Kary, Rick Veldkemp, Mary Hanson, Tim Walburg, Christi Hines, Christina Konechne, Deb Reinicke, Gary Harrington, and Lacey VandenBerge.  To contact a board member please contact, Belinda Nelson,  CEO of Community Counseling Services.