IMPACT – Individualized and Mobile Program of Assertive Community Treatment

How does IMPACT help consumers?

Individualized and Mobile Program of Assertive Community Treatment (IMPACT) helps consumers take care of their basic needs, including getting up, taking their medications, and sometimes just making it through the day. IMPACT works with customers to help them decide which medications best meet their needs. They also help consumers find housing, get food stamps, go back to school, or get a job. IMPACT helps consumers struggling with mental illness to get back on their feet.

How does IMPACT work?

A Team Approach

Psychiatrists, substance-abuse specialists, mental-health professionals, nurses, and employment specialists work together to give consumers the wide array of ongoing, individualized care that they need.

Services Provided Where Needed

IMPACT services are provided wherever the consumers need them: at home, at their workplace, and in other community settings where they are experiencing difficulties.

Continuous Care

Consumers receive support from their IMPACT teams regularly for as long as they need it.

Personalized Care

IMPACT teams work with relatively small numbers of consumers at a time, in an effort to provide them with the personalized care that they need.

Convenient Care

The care consumers will receive from IMPACT is flexible, because the IMPACT team members fit their schedule around each customer’s schedule.

Always Ready to Help Out

IMPACT services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, always with someone available to handle emergencies.

Contact Person:

Jessica Hendrickson, Program Manager

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