Community Counseling Service Honors Educators

2012 Friends of CCS awards to Robin Gigov of DeSmet and Paula Kingery of Madison.

On Thursday, September 20, 2012, Community Counseling Services held their annual meeting in Madison, SD. Shawn Nills, CEO of Community Counseling Services stated, “There has been no better time for Behavioral Healthcare than right now.” Nills reviewed the 2011 accomplishments and presented a new mission, vision statement and values to the board. The board of directors approved the set. The new mission of CCS is: “To promote healthy individuals and families in the communities we serve.” The vision statement of CCS – “Leading wellness through innovation, collaboration, and education.”

CCS Values:

  1. CCS Values the integration with other community partners
  2. CCS respects the dignity of quality, consumer-driven services
  3. CCS values technology as an integral component in providing effective, accountable care
  4. CCS respects the unique qualities of rural communities
  5. CCS believes in action, innovation, creativity and progress
  6. CCS is willing to take prudent risks
  7. CCS embraces the highest ethical standards: honesty, trustworthiness, efficient and effective uses of resources, and financial and moral accountability

Nills also presented the 2012 Friends of CCS awards to Robin Gigov of DeSmet and Paula Kingery of Madison.

Gigov is the director of the SLC program in the Huron School District. Behavior children throughout the district are sent to the SLC room when high restrictive environments and interventions are necessary. Throughout Robin’s career at the SLC room, she has advocated and worked hard for collaboration with CCS staff and appropriate community supports for the children and families she serves. She goes above and beyond a teacher’s requirements to support students. She always takes extra time to support parental involvement and provides a safe, fun, and supportive learning environment. She continues, even through her summer days, to increase communication with Community Counseling Services staff, and looks for innovative ways to collaborate together for the better of the child.

Kingery is the Special Services Director for the Madison Central School District. In the several years that she has worked in this district, she has been a strong advocate and supporter of the kids that she serves in the special education program. That advocacy and support has led to a positive and collaborative relationship with Community Counseling Services that continues to grow and strengthen.

Most recently, Paula has been at the forefront of developing an innovative new program at Madison Central School. The Student Empowerment Center (SEC). The SEC is a program that is staffed by special education professionals and a behavioral specialist from Community Counseling Services. In this program, student’s education, emotional, and behavioral issues are addressed in an integrated way. This program would not have been possible without Paula’s willingness to take risks and collaborate.

The CCS board also approved the following slate of officers and new & renewing members for the upcoming year:
President: Dale Schneider, Huron
Vice President: Jean Larson, Huron
Secretary/Treasurer: Dan Bohl, Madison
Directors: Jean Larson, Huron; Quinten Berg, Wessington Springs; Carol Rowen, Wessington

The next annual meeting of CCS will be held September 19, 2013.

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