Meet our staff – Huron Outpatient Services


Kelly McDermott
, CNP provides med-management.

James Chiu
, MD – provides med-management.

Ashley Frankfurth, MSW, CSW Therapist, QMHP specializes in Trauma, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy & Motivational Interviewing.  Works well with children, teens and adults.  Creative parenting group facility.

Tammy Dramstad, MSW, CSW-PIP, QMHP, Therapist & Clinical Director, specializes in the use of   Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR & Acceptance Therapy. Works with adults, teens and the Beadle County Drug Court.




Jessica Baum, MS, LPC, QMHP
Clinical Coordinator & Therapist.  Works with individuals, adults and families.  Mental Health issues from adjusting to a change in life to a severe mental illness.

Gary Reff, Substance Use Disorders Counselor, Drug Court Provider, Works with adults with drug, alcohol and gambling problems, facilitates Intensive out-patient services.

Scott Decker, MA LPC, Therapist, QMHP.  Works with adolescents, adults and families. Mental Health issues from adjusting to a change in life to a severe mental illness.

Jessi Sopko,  MSW Therapist, QMHP, Case Management Supervisor

Jennifer Enander, BA
Psychiatric Assistant

Crystal Dooley, BSW
Health Home Coordinator

Kelsi Stricherz, MS Therapist, LPC in training.  Mental Health Counselor specializing in using play therapy techniques with children.  Also, works with adolescents and young adults.

Andrew McDade, MSW, CSW – QMHP, Therapist provides therapy for couples, families, individuals of all ages and soldiers.

Angela Hebbert, RN
Director of Nursing

Kelsey Mesman, MSW, QMHP, Therapist, Mental Health Therapist who works with adults and children using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a strength based approach.


Lisa Washechek, BS
Outpatient Case Manager


Val Walton, BS
Outpatient Case Manager

Karlie Olson, BSW                    Outpatient Case Manager

Malwina Holynska, MS
Substance Use Disorders Clinical Supervisor in Training – Trainee, Facilitates CBISA and MRT. Works with adults and adolescents using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing.


James Spratt, BS                Therapist Intern, Mental Health Counselor, works with adolescents and adults.  Mental health issues from adjusting to a change in life to a severe mental illness.


Erin Stewart, BS Outpatient Case Manager


Kelsey Foote, LPC-MH, LMFT, QMHP – Huron Outpatient Therapy Clinical Supervisor


Htee Khu Outpatient Case Manager


Brooke Kuehl, BS Outpatient Case Manager


Rebecca Willse, MA, LAC, LPC Huron Substance Use Disorders Counselor























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